The big news on Clario Farms is our new hand made fresh frozen pasta. We use the best quality select flours – durum, semolina, organic, and when possible Wisconsin grown, which are all great – but the key to these products is the EGGS. We use the freshest eggs laid by our pastured, free-range chickens who are fed the highest quality organic feed – in addition the foraging they do around our farm.

Next – we introduce fresh herbs or vegetables from Clario Farms into the mix, and fuse them, laminate them, pulverise ’em, or otherwise coax them into the pasta dough. Then the dough is rolled, cut and packaged by hand, and popped into our deep freezer to lock in the freshness.

For more information on what’s available, and when you can expect to see it – check our Facebook page, or contact us for more information and pricing.