About Clario Farms

A 40 acre non-certified organic farm near Algoma, WI

Our Story

Clario Farms is an old-fashioned producer, implementing only sustainable, responsible and healthy methods that yield the healthy, fresh produce that people are looking for these days. We use only organic practices, although we are not certified organic. Clario Farms will not grow produce manipulated with GMOs.

We also raise a small number of beef, lamb, pork, chickens and turkeys with organic, free range and pastured practices. We are continually striving to improve our methods to bring soil fertility, plant growth and livestock care as ecologically interrelated tasks. Our young and growing farm has been in business for eight years.

In 2014, Clario Farms began producing fresh pasta for the farmers market. This – like so much of our learning and growth – occurred out of necessity, as the growing season was so poor by the end of the summer Clario was struggling to find items to sell at their various farmers markets.

Claire, Nina and Mario of Clario Farms

Drawing on family tradition and a desire to offer unique and healthy foods – Claire, Mario, and their good friend Theresa started experimenting with fresh pasta by incorporating fresh vegetables and herbs from the garden. The results were delicious, and a huge hit at the markets. Clario Farmstead Pasta was born!

Blown away by the return customers and their ongoing enthusiasm for the pasta products and flavors, Claire and Mario set forth on a mission to bring these specialty products to folks all across Wisconsin. As Clario Farmstead Pasta grows, expect these key elements: 1) It will always feature TRUE free-range eggs from organically raised and fed farmstead chickens on pasture. 2) It will incorporate the highest quality ingredients – grown sustainably, organically, and locally whenever possible. 3) None of the Clario Farmstead products will ever use artificial additives, preservatives or GMOs.